About the sample
Two of the samples were produced in Alumina – factory for production of aluminum profiles. These were donated by……..

One of the aluminum sample was “born” from empty Golden Oak beer cans. The Golden Oak beer is a local, Macedonian beer from “the city under King Marko’s Towers”, Prilep. The beer cans are usually made of aluminum and some are made of steel.
The empty beer cans were cut into pieces and then melted in a furnace. The melted aluminum was poured onto an iron metal surface. The whole process, from drinking the beer to melting the cans, was performed by Metodija Najdoski.
ρ / g/cm32.7
tt, mp / °C660.32
tv, bp / °C2519
Electronegativity, (X)1.61
Crystal structureCubic
Extended informationhttps://www.webelements.com/aluminium/