About the sample
Palladium sample is palladium sponge and it is a donation of the British company Johnson Matthey. This largest company in Macedonia, has a factory opened in 2010 and it has more than 680 employees. It is also the largest exporter in Macedonia, as it sells a quarter of Macedonia’s exports at foreign markets.
Johnson Matthey is a company that has products that prevent air pollution from diesel and gasoline vehicles. Namely, they produce: Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), Catalysed soot filter (CSF), Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) device, Selective catalytic reduction filter (SCRF), NOx storage catalyst (NSC), Ammonia slip catalyst (ASC) for emissions control when diesel is used and Three-way catalyst (TWC) Three-way filter (TWF) when gasoline is used.
ρ / g/cm312.023
tt, mp / °C1554.9
tv, bp / °C2963
Electronegativity, (X)2.2
Crystal structureCubic
Extended informationhttps://www.webelements.com/palladium/