About the sample
These samples are commercial samples. The two samples on left and right side were taken from one of our students’ laboratories. They are both packed in ampoules under an air atmosphere. The sample on the left is white phosphorus and was melted and covered with water. The other sample on the right is red phosphorus. It was washed with water, dried, and packed in an ampoule. The ampoule in the middle has black phosphorus. This sample is a part of the private collection of Metodija Najdoski. It is a gift from a friend, Michael Ben Raphael, the owner of the company The Periodic Element Guys, that sells chemical elements samples.
ρ / g/cm31.82
tt, mp / °C44.2
tv, bp / °C277
Electronegativity, (X)2.19
Crystal structureTriclinic
Extended informationhttps://www.webelements.com/phosphorus/