About the sample
The Radium sample is not real sample of radium. In this case we made a compromise. This sample is a set of watch dials painted with luminous paint containing radium-226 to produce radioluminescence. They glow in the dark because they contain a mixture of zinc sulfide and some 226Ra salt. Radium salt is radioactive emitting alpha, beta, and gamma radiation.
Radium dials were replaced by safer tritium-based luminous material in the 1970s and later, from the middle 1990s, non-toxic, non-radioactive strontium aluminate–based photoluminescent material were used.
This sample is a part of the private collection of Metodija Najdoski. It is a gift from a friend, Michael Ben Raphael, the owner of the company The Periodic Element Guys, that sells chemical elements samples..
ρ / g/cm35.0
tt, mp / °C700
tv, bp / °C1737
Electronegativity, (X)0.9
Crystal structureCubic
Extended informationhttps://www.webelements.com/radium/