About the sample
This sample is a commercial sample in an ampoule which is placed in a so called periodic element bottle. It contains fluorine gas mixed with helium.  If it was pure fluorine it would react with the glass. The mixture is at low pressure that can be lit up by a high voltage transformer. This fluorine sample has been donated by the USA company Motion Creativ and its Executive producer Nikola Kitanovski as a gratitude for location provided. Namely, Faculty of Natural Sciences and mathematics precisely, the Institute of Chemistry, had provided one of the locations for shooting the movie “One More Game” in production of Motion Creativ on 1st of April in 2023. As a sign of gratitude, samples of elements, were purchased from Israeli company The Periodic Element Guys and donated for the collection. Many thanks to the owner of the company The Periodic Element Guys, Michael Ben Raphael who gave a significant discount and increased the number of element’s samples. In this noble act of Nikola Kitanovski and Michael Ben Raphael the Elements collection has been enriched with samples of F, Cs, Rb, Rh, Os, Ir, Ru, La, Ce and Pr.
ρ / g/cm31.7 (solid)
tt, mp / °C-219.62
tv, bp / °C-188.12
Electronegativity, (X)3.98
Crystal structureMonoclinic
Extended informationhttps://www.webelements.com/fluorine/